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Our Life Together Among the Works of Art

by Jessica Raimi

A story of the years of struggle artists go through before they make it big or give up. Phoebe’s unfocused ambitions land her in a crowded apartment on New York’s Upper Left Side with five roommates and their friends. George is a film critic paralyzed by deadlines, and his wife, Marceline, is tired of telling his editors he’s not home. Julian writes poetry inspired by unattainable men, while Red toils over the definitive science fiction novel. Jay spends his days in dark theaters, claiming that movies are as real as real life. Cecily, an actress on the soaps, must choose between Butch, a novelist whose radical sentiments are being eroded by his job at a mailing house, and the Narrator, whose voice of authority conceals a soul all too human.

Featuring Terry Amidei, Peter Armstrong, Pope Brock, Nancy Cohen, Adrian Cronauer, Manuel Igrejas, Robert Kent and Eve Packer. Original music by Maxwell Raimi. Technical production by Miles B. Smith. In 28 episodes. First broadcast in 1980 on WBAI-FM New York.

The listeners write:

“I find myself hopelessly addicted.”

“It opened my eyes to the creative possibilities of radio drama.”

“It would be nice if Phoebe didn’t have to suffer so much.”

“Wonderfully funny, sexy and true.”